Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing Recognizes 2023-2024 Nurse Faculty Level Coordinators

May 17, 2023

The Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing (LHSON) is proud to recognize its 2023-2024 nurse faculty level coordinators for LHSON Undergraduate and Graduate Programs.

“Since 1909, the legacy of caring continues at the LHSON along with its strong tradition of integrating faith and academic excellence in nursing,” said Dr. Linda Plank, LHSON. “Our graduates are guided by an ethical and moral framework rooted in the model of Christian caring. Contributing to this Baylor commitment is the outstanding leadership of faculty level coordinators who help the LHSON provide transformational experiences for students to realize their calling to Learn.Lead.Serve.® It is this unique belief that nursing is a calling and not just a profession that distinguishes a Baylor nurse and I am grateful this team of talent that makes that possible.”

Congratulations to the appointed level coordinators for our Undergraduate program:
• Distance Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (DABSN): Dr. Ethany Howden (Levels 1 & 2) and Dr. Kathryn Osteen (Levels 3 & 4)
• FastBacc ®: Dr. Adrianne Duvall
• Traditional: Professor Brandi Garrett (Level 1), Dr. Laura Zebreski (Level 2), Dr. Marion Kopulos (Level 3) and Dr. Lyn Prater (Level 4)
Additionally, we are happy to recognize appointed level coordinators for our online Graduate program:
• Faculty Nurse Practitioner (FNP): Dr. Tiffany Flood and Dr. Kara Schubart join Dr. Annie Abraham
• Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP): Dr. Renea Powell and Dr. Sheron Wagner
• Nurse-Midwifery (NM): Dr. Shirley Marion
• Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP): Dr. Amee Moreno joins Dr. Renee Flippo

Existing Coordinators
• Adult Gerontology Acute Care (AGACNP): Dr. Angela Stewart
• Executive Nurse Leadership (ENL): Dr. Dora Bradley
• Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP): Pending

The purpose of faculty level coordinators is to oversee the implementation of the Undergraduate BSN and online DNP tracks which includes a variety of responsibilities. These outstanding faculty nurses provide leadership; collaboration; communication; orientation and quality experiences for LHSON students. Among their many duties, they also serve as liaisons to clinical affiliates and as valuable resources to work alongside administration, faculty colleagues, students and staff.

The LHSON is blessed by a diverse and highly regarded faculty and staff dedicated to providing an environment that integrates faith and excellent academics. At the heart of our school are exceptional faculty, each and every one committed to the success of our students. They are a unique group: researchers, authors, winners of countless national and international awards, presidents of national organizations, former missionaries and administrators, and experts in their specialties. They are always accessible and focused on the needs of Baylor LHSON. They are there to advise, act as role models, and encourage and guide students throughout their education and beyond.