LHSON Pinning & Recognition Ceremony

Friday, May 10, 2024
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Sunnyvale First Baptist Church
3018 N. Belt Line Rd Sunnyvale, TX 75182

LHSON Pinning and Recognition Ceremony: The LHSON Pinning and Recognition Ceremony will be held at 1:30 PM on Friday, May 10. The ceremony will be held at Sunnyvale First Baptist Church (3018 N Belt Line Rd, Sunnyvale, TX). Below is helpful information for making plans to attend for you and your family/guests. 

  • Facebook Livestream: For those unable to attend, LHSON will livestream the ceremony through Facebook Live. It will show up on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/BULHSON) when the ceremony starts. A recording of the ceremony will be uploaded here the week after.
  • Guest Limit: Due to the number of graduating students and the location’s seating capacity, guests are limited to 8 or less people. If you have more guests, we encourage you to coordinate with fellow classmates that have fewer guests that can host your additional guests with their free spot (ex: you have 12 guests and a fellow classmate has 5…that is less than the total of 16 guests together).  
  • Photos: To view photos from the ceremony, click here.
  • Program: To view the program, click here. To be more sustainable, guests are encouraged to access the program from the pinning website. However, we will print a program for each student and one for each family to share for the remaining copies.
  • Parking: Students and guests should park in the lots behind the building and enter through the double doors on the back side. Individuals with accommodation needs should use the covered drive on the front side, where a staff member will provide assistance. 
  • The Baylor Bookstore: will be open before and after the ceremony for you and your guests to shop before and after the ceremony.

Information for Guests: 
Guests should arrive after 12:45 PM as the doors will not open before that time. Backpacks are not permitted inside the sanctuary, but diaper / camera bags are allowed.

The ceremony is a professionally-focused event and we encourage behavior appropriate to the occasion. In addition, we request cheering and clapping be held until the last name is called for the track so everyone can hear all the student names.

Guests are welcome to take pictures but may not use flash photography as it will interfere with the livestream and the enjoyment of other participants.

For guests with young children, the church has given permission to use its playground provided they are supervised by an adult.

Baylor Commencement: Baylor Commencement is set for Saturday, May 11 at the Ferrell Center (Ferrell Center, 1900 S University Parks Dr, Waco, TX). Please explore the Baylor Commencement website for information for students, families and guests.